Forged Beneath The Frost EP

by Voyage of Slaves

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released April 20, 2013



all rights reserved


Voyage of Slaves Paducah, Kentucky

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Track Name: Tyrael's Blade
Fallen prey
To the Blood Raven
The burial grounds
Reek of wretched, rotting corpses
Beneath forgotten towers lie catacombs they dare not speak of
Andarial’s poison forever ceased

Into the desert ruins
Where terror reigns supreme
The Arcane Sanctuary
Must be breached

The seven tombs await me
Infernal gates creep open
Unleashing the impure
The guardian of this blackened temple
Destined to fall

Fortresses crumble before prime evils
Angels themselves possessed
Dive into the hell forge through the rivers of flame
Terrors end is imminent

And as the seals opened
The demon gazed into my eyes
I leapt with might and relentless hatred
Your head is mine

Rise now lord of destruction
To leave thine martyrs encased in ice
The ancients have fallen before your feet
Destructions end is now complete


Amidst the chaos
Shines the arch angel
Wielding the holy blade
Tyrael, cast thy sword
Erase this plague
Erase… this plague
Track Name: Tyranny of Trolls
A feast upon the dead
Meat scraped from skull
Cleaned carcasses scattered
The battlefield of bones
Towering over mere mortals, the vile breed
Swing true to defend our sanctuary
Forged beneath the frost
Eternal enslavement
As it picks flesh from nail
Gazing upon you threefold
A herd of head hunters
Soils soaked in blood
Death and destruction descends on thee
Forces drawn forth towards victory

The scum will bow before us
Servants shall know their place
So foolish to revolt
Wrathful hands decide your fate
This is an age of rising
Our numbers overwhelm you
As hordes trample your fortress
Impending days of reckoning
Spell doomed for years of tyranny
Towers blaze relentlessly
As I gouge your eyes from your face
All empires overthrown
Monuments have become you graves
No longer bound in shackles
Our clan reclaims its throne
Your defeat marks their rebirth
Of ancient legacies
And as the reaper claims you
Maggots thirst for your flesh
Mountains of corpses decay
Your dead are many, The rest count their days
And now the time has come
Ashes have lined the clouds
By endless fires from your temples
The embers light the skies
Defiance burns
For centuries to come
Your ruins lie beneath us
Your ancestors defiled
Track Name: Perseus
I fear no god

The monuments torn down
Deface thine tyranny
My saviors, I watched them drown
Blasphemy claims its victory

Through the abyss I have gazed
To witness divine wrath
Venture into winter forever with her
Black lilacs of the velvet plagues


In ten days
When the sun is eclipsed
The beast shall be released
To reap what's been deceased

With all my might I venture forth into this sanctuary
Pegasus taking flight, Calibus your death I'm awaiting

We dance upon the cinders of cursed demons
An era of haunted flesh begins and ends
Infernal shrines burn eternal
Pits of the divine
Lay down with your swine

Hell bent on victory
Hades now trembles
Medusa's deadly gaze
My brothers cast in stone

Unleashed upon me, forces
Of black, malicious magic
Fiends perish beneath me
Unto the holy steel

I must avenge all mankind
Fear not brought to me
Through divine tyrants

Three witches foretell my demise
But how can they see with blinded eyes?

Medusa's lair in my sights
She, demonized by wretched rites
With one swing of this ancient blade
Her sanctuary overthrown

Sever the bitches head!

Arachnid beasts begin to arise from these fallen pillars
Birthed from the bloodshed of a cursed demon, chaos reigns

I see the Kracken rising
Civilizations topple
As tidal waves now pave the path to desolation
As tentacles wrap tight around your abdomen

All hope seems lost within this realm of Armageddon
Until a hero rises to our salvation

Stare into the dead eyes of the fallen goddess
Infernal beast, may your organs now corrode

We dance upon the cinders of cursed demons
An era of haunted flesh begins and ends
Infernal shrines burn eternal
Pits of the divine
Lay down with your swine