Fallen prey
To the Blood Raven
The burial grounds
Reek of wretched, rotting corpses
Beneath forgotten towers lie catacombs they dare not speak of
Andarial’s poison forever ceased

Into the desert ruins
Where terror reigns supreme
The Arcane Sanctuary
Must be breached

The seven tombs await me
Infernal gates creep open
Unleashing the impure
The guardian of this blackened temple
Destined to fall

Fortresses crumble before prime evils
Angels themselves possessed
Dive into the hell forge through the rivers of flame
Terrors end is imminent

And as the seals opened
The demon gazed into my eyes
I leapt with might and relentless hatred
Your head is mine

Rise now lord of destruction
To leave thine martyrs encased in ice
The ancients have fallen before your feet
Destructions end is now complete


Amidst the chaos
Shines the arch angel
Wielding the holy blade
Tyrael, cast thy sword
Erase this plague
Erase… this plague


from Forged Beneath The Frost EP, released April 20, 2013



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Voyage of Slaves Paducah, Kentucky

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